About Us

Dayat and Hannah

Feel-Lombok was once just a dream for Dayat, a then 25-year-old living and working in Gili. Despite moving to the Gili when he was just 17,  Dayat was determined to one day return to his home island of Lombok.

For many young Lombok locals, moving to Gili is the path taken to improve your English and subsequently, your quality of life. Dayat’s first years on Gili were filled with odd beach jobs, until a chance encounter with a tourist made him re-focus his energy on building a career as a tour operator. 

The tourist had lost his bank card and with no money for food or accommodation, Dayat offered both to the stranger, and was rewarded months later when he received enough money to open his first tour counter as a thank for his generosity.

Soon after, Dayat met his now-partner Hannah, who continues to add her own creative flair and marketing skills to the business. Developing the brand, the website and being originally from England, Hannah has expanded the business alongside Dayat, and Feel Lombok has never looked back.

That small tour counter in Gili has grown into the family business, and Dayat continues to recognise the need to give back to the Lombok community. After moving back to Lombok together when Hannah fell pregnant, the couple became more determined than ever to make a difference within the Lombok community. Alongside Feel Lombok, Hannah and Dayat continue to support and inspire the locals, encouraging them to make their own difference in the world.

English Club

With Dayat and Hannah’s determination to give back to the local Lombok people, they began to consider how they could provide the community with resourceful, sustainable skills. The result, was English Club.

Dayat had experienced first-hand how invaluable learning English is for Indonesians looking to expand their employment opportunities. With Hannah’s British background, the two realised they could make a difference to Lombok’s high unemployment rate by offering free English lessons to the children in Dayat’s home village. They began to reinvest money made through Feel Lombok into the club, and offered tourists the opportunity to meet and interact with the locals, allowing the children to practice their English.

Unfortunately, English Club was put on a hiatus as a result of the 2018 earthquakes, which impacted the area severely. Efforts instead turned to helping the local community turn itself around in the wake of the natural disaster. However, in mid-2019, English Club was reintroduced to the village and continues to make a difference to children between 7 – 18 who are keen and willing to learn.

Dayat and Hannah hope to continue to expand their social impact on the local community, and are working tirelessly to provide both tourists and locals the opportunity to learn from each other and expand their horizons.


Our team at Feel Lombok are happy to help you in navigating your adventure through Lombok.