“Secret” Gilis Camping Review

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Olly and Haylea who run the blog We Seek Travel. They sampled 3 of our tours – Rinjani Trekking; “Secret” Gilis Camping & Snorkelling; and Komodo Live-a-board. I think it’s safe to say they had a good time.

Olly and Haylea are the ultimate power couple. They work so well together, juggling the responsibility of being ESL teachers in addition to having an awesome time, travelling the world and running their travel blog and insta page .

It’s been an honour meeting these two – as it is meeting all our lovely customers! Thanks for the photos and videos guys 🙂

Here’s Olly and Haylea’s blog coverage of our trip: “Secret” Gilis Camping & Snorkelling

Gili Kedis, Gili Nanggu, and Gili Sudak are three epic southwest Lombok Islands tucked away from their frenetic island cousins in the North. Compared to the more famous “Gili Islands”, these are a remarkably more peaceful and off-the-beaten-path Lombok travel destination.

For those looking for a more authentic Lombok experience, visiting the Sekotong coastline and the island-speckled coastline will be a fresh sigh of relief. Here you’ll find epic coral reefs, tiny tropical sandbars and palm-lined islands without a tourist in sight.

By far, the best way to see Sekotong’s Gili Kidis, Gili Nanguu, and Gili Sudak is to join in on a camping trip. As far as I know, Feel Lombok is the only tour company that organizes these types of trips, but I can definitely see them taking off.

SW Gilis video

Gili Nanggu

After arriving in Sekotong Harbour, a Secret Gilis and Gili Kedis Lombok island hopping trip usually begins with Gili Nanngu snorkeling.

Gili Nanggu is one of the largest of these islands and even has a resort at the back. The main beach is a stretch of white sand on the southern tip, which backs onto a pristine coral reef.

The vibe at Gili Nanggu is extremely relaxed. There’s almost nothing going on here, which is a relief from the constant tourist buzz of Kuta Lombok or Gili Trawangan.

However, once you strap on your mask and snorkel, you’ll find one of the most diverse snorkeling locations on Lombok. There are huge schools of fish of all colors and even a bio-reef formed around a sunken beruguk (traditional gazebo). If you’re lucky, you might even spot the odd turtle making its way from Gili Kedis and the other islands.

Olly’s Top tip

While the snorkelling at Gili Nanggu is quality anywhere around the island, if you swim over to the north-east tip, you’ll find somelarger sections of hard corals. Just remember to not stand or touch corals.

Gili Sudak

Before heading to Gili Kedis, the boat will stop at Gili Sudak. Compared to the other islands off Sekotong, Gili Sudak is probably the least impressive. However, here you’ll find an authentic Lombok Island experience. There are no resorts or tourist infrastructure, just rows of palm trees, some cows and small local huts.

If you choose to join in on a camping trip, you’ll stop at Gili Sudak to get some firewood. There is a healthy supply of dry and old wood on this island. What I liked about Feel Lombok’s island camping tour is that they use resources sustainably, and they didn’t cut down any trees or leave any rubbish behind.

Gili Kedis

The last island is my personal favorite; Gili Kedis. It’s a tiny sandbar island that you can walk across in about 15 seconds. There’s not much here, just a small swing, some benches, a hut, outdoor toilet, and a few trees.

Gili Kedis is also the island sunset spot of choice. You’ll get to watch as the sun sets behind the horizon, lighting up the floating pearl farms and tiny islands that dot the Sekotong coastline.

After sunset, our tour cooked a traditional BBQ dinner of fresh fish, vegetables, rice, tempeh, and tofu. We then sat around the campfire, watched the stars and learned some local Sasak songs by the talented guitarist and singer; Ilham.

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