Snorkelling Etiquette

It’s that time of the year again – high season – and after a slow start its really popping off. Thousands of travellers and holiday makers are heading to the Gilis this summer to while away the day sunbathing, cycling the picturesque island streets, and to generally just enjoy island life – well, it is pretty special.

Most of these lovely disconcerting people will go on some form of snorkelling or diving excursions, whether it be a public snorkelling trip sharing a boat and the snorkelling spots with 20+ people, or a private snorkelling trip using a chartered boat.

During these times it is vital that we all practice safe and careful snorkelling (and diving), so as not to hurt ourselves or damage the coral reef.

You’re friends at Feel-Lombok have created this small but mightily informative sheet giving lots of information about snorkelling etiquette.

Have a read, share it around, we want to spread the word about the snorkelling and how to behave in the water and preserve the reef, because many people visiting the Gilis and embarking on snorkelling trips will not be briefed on safe snorkelling practice.


Our team at Feel Lombok is happy to help you navigate your adventure across Lombok 🙂