An Overview of Lombok

Lombok is an island best described as “a rough diamond”, this makes reference to its beauty, serenity and untouched, still rural and unpolished areas. Lombok lies between the two famous tourist attractions that are the islands of Bali and Komodo. Lombok in addition is safe and convenient for holidaymakers. It is home to a number of unique cultures and traditions, with influences from Balinese, Javanese, Bugis and Arab traditions and communities.

Lombok can be accessed from Bali by plane, fast boat and ferry. Flights are available daily. While “slow” ferries are available every hour between Bali and Lombok, “fast” boats run multiple times a day. The ferry takes 4 hours and leaves from Padang Bay Harbour in Bali and arrives at Lembar Harbour in Lombok. Fast boats leave also from Padang Bay Harbour in Bali and arrive at Bangsal or Sengiggi Harbour in Lombok.

The landscape, diverse culture, friendly people and un-spoilt tourist attractions act as a powerful magnet to tempt visitors from far and wide. They come to dive the coral reefs on the ocean floor of the Gili’s, hike to the top of majestic Rinjani, observing the amazing natural charm along the way. Lombok is gradually gaining a place in the hearts of pioneering tourists both domestic and foreign.

Lombok also offers distinctive products such as hand weaving and pottery, which can certainly be a memorable souvenir for friends, relatives and someone you love.

Lombok’s people are friendly, warm and very welcoming to the presence of tourists…. Even in rural areas, do not be surprised when you take a walk around the village that everyone will greet you – “Hello mister” – even though you are a woman. You also must be ready to be mobbed by children who just want to say “hallo” and scramble for a handshake. It is no exaggeration that you will feel like a famous artist who is surrounded by their fans. And of course, there are many other interesting and unique things that you can encounter in Lombok. Please contact us for further information and prepare to Feel Lombok… feel The Nature, Feel The Culture, Feel the people and… Feel Happy.


Our team at Feel Lombok is happy to help you navigate your adventure across Lombok 🙂