Coconut Oil Making Workshop, Lombok

Are you currently in Lombok? ⁣Or do you have plans to visit the island?

Do you want to learn how to make coconut oil using traditional techniques? You’ll even get a free bottle of coconut oil to take home at the end of our workshop!⁣

This traditional skill has been passed down the generations – from grandmother to mother to daughter. ⁣Not only will you learn about coconut oil making, you’ll also find out about the history of Bilebante village and its mixed Muslim and Hindu population.

We collaborate with local women from the rural village of Bilebante, providing them with the opportunity to connect with people from around the world. In other words, these lovely ladies will share their ancient knowledge with travelers!

We need at least 3 days notice to prepare for this workshop, so advance booking is necessary.

We can happily organise both private and group workshops.

Packages for Coconut Oil Making Workshop, Lombok

Coconut Oil Making Workshop

Includes: A local coconut oil making lesson translated for you by our charming staff. Complimentary drinks from young, fresh coconuts and souvenirs.

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