Gili Kondo Snorkelling

  • Monkey Forest or Northern Gili coastal views
  • Mt Rinjani and East Lombok views
  • Sambelia Giant Trees
  • Gili Kapal – sandbar island
  • Gili Petagan – Mangrove island
  • Gili Bidara
  • Gili Kondo

Visit the lesser known Gili islands – Gili Kapal, Gili Petagan, Gili Bidara & Gili Kondo – in East Lombok. Stopping along the way at a secret sandbar island which only appears at low tide and a mangrove forest, before snorkelling the extraordinary, diverse, multicoloured reef. 

We will let you into a little secret (shh!), this is actually the quietest snorkelling location in Lombok, simply because many people have no idea it exists or how to get here.

For this reason, it’s our favourite place to snorkel, with a brightly coloured and healthy reef, we’re likely to be the only ones around!

  • Pick up from your hotel and stop off at either the monkey forest, or at the numerous coastal viewpoints which allow you to see the 3 Northern Gilis – Gili Trawangan, Air & Meno – let us know if you have a preference. 
  • On the way to the harbour you’ll see panoramic views of Mt Rinjani from the East, you’ll see large volcanic rocks embedded in the countryside which are remnants of the Mt Salamas (parent of Mt Rinjani) eruption in 1257. You’ll also stop and walk among the giant trees of Sambelia forest, which tower hundreds of metres above.
  • Once you arrive at the harbour you’ll be given snorkelling equipment, board your private boat and make your way to the first spot which is Gili Kapal, a small sandabar island that only appears at low tide, here you’ll find starfish dotting the sand, and sparking teal waters. 
  • Next stop, Gili Petagan, a mangrove island, in the middle of the ocean! You’ll sail through the mangrove and be able to walk the bamboo platforms to take pictures. 
  • On the way to Gili Bidara you’ll snorkel the reef connecting these islands, and be amazed at how varied the coral and sea life is. You’ll see huge blue star fish clinging to rock, and shoals of fish swim by. Once you reach Gili Bidara you’ll have the opportunity to sunbathe and explore. 
  • After some more snorkelling you’ll head to Gili Kondo to have lunch and explore the island. There is 1 local warung on Gili Kondo that serves snacks, coffee and noodles, these can be bought upon arrival. Or, if you’d like a seafood or chicken lunch you can pre order with us for 150,000 IDR / person.
  • After a full day you’ll be returned back to your hotel in Lombok.  


  • Private Car & Driver
  • Petrol
  • Entrance fees
  • Parking fees
  • Private boat and captain
  • Snorkel Gear


These islands remain beautiful and tourist free almost all year round because the drive is very long, we recommend you eat a big breakfast and bring snacks for the journey, you’ll have a late lunch on our last island stop, Gili Kondo. 
Island stops are subject to change at different times of the year, in accordance with changes of tide and current, we will do our best to adapt your route so that you don’t miss a stop. 

Packages for Gili Kondo Snorkelling

Gili Kondo Snorkelling

Includes: Private car & driver, petrol, parking & island entrance fees, private boat and captain, snorkel gear

Min number of people: 2

Max number of people: 10

Gili Kondo Snorkelling

Includes: Motorbike (as pillion) + Guide, petrol, parking & island entrance fees, private boat and captain, snorkel gear

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