Where are the best places to visit in Lombok?


is situated between the islands of Bali and Sumbawa as has lots of tiny Gili (islands) bordering its shores. It is a tropical delight, only recently being developed for tourism and with many untouched areas.

From Bali, Lombok is an 1.5 hr fast boat journey away. From the Gilis, Lombok can be reached easily and certain areas can be visited in 1 day.


Trek to the highest peaks of Mt. Rinjani, see wild monkeys and walk deep into the jungles to visit waterfalls with birds of paradise singing from the trees.

Stop off at Lombok’s oldest Mosque and learn about the earliest form of Islam, when it was mixed with Animism ad Hinduism. Party on Gili T, snorkel the crystal-clear waters of Gili Air and sunbathe the empty beaches of Gili Meno. Enjoy a fresh fish BBQ as you watch as the sun sets over the ocean on the volcanic sand beaches of Nipah and Pandanan, with views of Bali’s volcano Mt. Agung.

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From pink beaches and tiny islands perfect for snorkelling to rice paddy soft trekking with views stretching for miles, as well as jungle spice and coffee plantations and small secret waterfalls. Pick fresh strawberries and ride up and down the mountainous roads around Mt. Rinjani. Wonder at the trees that tower over 30 metres high at Suranadi Nature Park. Explore secret beaches, spend the night singing around the campfire as you camp on an uninhabited island and fish the oceans that surround it. Head over to Skas to chase the perfect swell – or just watch from the side-lines.

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South and Central

Exit the Airport, arrive in Kuta for beach bar cocktails, coconuts and the choice of a number of cuisines. Learn the surf at Selong Belanak beach, watch as farmers herd cattle upon beaches, Tanjung Ann and Mawun, as you sunbathe in the late afternoon. Swim in the most tropical turquoise clear water. Climb Bukit Merese Hill for sunset, overlooking hidden beaches. Visit and learn about the Lombok Sasak people’s early construction methods as well as sarong and pottery making. Stop off for a visa extension in Mataram. Then, lose yourself in the local markets of Cakra, find gold, precious stones, beautiful ceremonial storage boxes that are perfect for adding a bit of colour and exoticism in your home, as well as getting those broken sunglasses repaired. Visit the old Dutch colonial town of Ampanan, now home to Lombok’s Arabic community, followed by a trip up the tower of the islands biggest Mosque, to watch the sun setting over the city of Mataram. Then, head back into the city at night, as it comes alive with all manner of street markets, fruit stalls and activity. Sample the most delicious, authentic and cheap food cooked by locals who come from all over Indonesia, bringing with them dishes from their homelands.

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Explore the still relatively untouched South West Gilis that are Nanggu, Sudak and Kedis. These islands are growing in populartity and tourism so be sure to experience their beauty and charm before they are discovered world-wide.

Snorkel to find a bio reef made from a sunken beruguk (gazebo), now teeming with marine life. Find hundreds of starfish (but leave them in the ocean). Explore hidden beaches in Sekotong and find absolutely no one else around.

Walk around green and fertile Narmarda Park, drink the sacred spring water from the fountain of youth and relax on the grass by the fresh water pool.

Visit the Feel-Lombok village English Club and let our young people practice their English with you. Cycle rice fields, visit quiet temples, ride jungle rapids on your white-water raft. End the day by watching the sunset in Sengiggi, coconut in one hand, and corn on the cob in the other.

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